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EHF 2016 powered by INVACARE

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Nice foto's of the Bardonecchia race

Thanks to Tomas Mosnicka we can give you a link to his photo gallery with pictures of the Bardonecchia race.
Photo gallery Tomas Mosnicka


Lugano registration has been opened

Information can be found at the event website
Registration is possible at the Registration form


The overall ranking has been updated with the results of Bardonecchia



All the results of Bardonecchia are online (Update)

Time trial
Road Race MH1/MH2/WH
Road Race MH3/MH4/MH5/MHO


The results of Louny are online

Time Trial
Road Race MH1/MH2/WH/MT2
Road Race MH3
Road Race MH4/MH5/MHO


Bardonecchia registration has been opened

Event Rules
Registration for non Italian athletes:
Digital registration (provided by the EHC)
Registration form (word document to send by email to gare@bardonecchiaski.com)

For Italian athletes the registrations are only accepted through the centralized system of the FCI. (www.federciclismo.it), race ID 141495



The time table for Louny has been changed

For the road races the time table has changed.
The start times will be
14:55 MH1, MH2, WH1, WH2, WH3, WH4, WH5, WHO
15:55 MH3
17:10 MH4, MH5, MHO
for more details see time table


The registration for Louny is closed

The registration for the EHC stage in Louny has been closed.
time table
entry list


Season 2018

When you know an organization who's able and well willing to organize an EHC eventin 2018. Please contact the representative in your country or send a mail to ehf.ehc@gmail.com. When we will receive a request we will consider it in our committee.


No alternative for the final in Abu Dhabi

At 17th April we announced Abu Dhabi was not able to confirm their event, because some organizational issues. The last month we have looked for possibilities to have an alternative somewhere in Europe. Unfortunately we did not found any organizer who's able to organize this within 4 or 5 months. So the situation for 2017. We have 4 events, two double and two single. This means 6 races. The 4 best results will count for the final ranking. The final will be in Lugano.

Hopefully we'll see you in Louny (CZE), Bardonecchia (ITA) and Lugano (SUI)


The registration for Louny is open

The registration for the EHC stage in Louny has been closed.
Please register at registration


The Results Rosenau are online

Road Race
Youngsters Race
EHC Overall Ranking


Abu Dhabi has no race in 2017

Due to organizational issues the organization of the Abu Dhabi stage cannot confirm their race for this season. We hope they return for the 2018 calendar. For now we try to find an alternative. When we not succeed Lugano will be the final. The calendar is as follows.

- 15th April : Rosenau, France (Roadrace)
- 17th June : Louny, Czech republic (Individual time trial)
- 17th June : Louny, Czech republic (Roadrace)
- 7th July : Bardonecchia, Italy (individual time trial)
- 8th July : Bardonecchia, Italy (Roadrace)
- 23rd September : Lugano, Swiss (Roadrace)


Registration for the classification in Rosenau is also open
- Registration
- Entry list
- Classification at Friday
- Classification at Saturday
- Circuit


Flyer for EHC race as well as for Karel Rais memorial in Louny is ready


Registration for Rosenau is open
- Registration
- Entry list


Provisional EHC calendar for 2017 is ready (update)
- 15th April : Rosenau, France (Road race)
- 17th June : Louny, Czech Republic (Individual time trial)
- 17th June : Louny, Czech Republic (Road race)
- 23rd September : Lugano, Switzerland (Road race)

to be confirmed :
- Early July : Bordonecchia, Italy (Individual time trial)
- Early July : Bardonecchia, Italy (Road race)


All 2016 EHC Statistics are online now
Do you want to know who are the most successful athletes in 16 year's EHC history?
Or do you want to know how often you already participated in EHC races?

Or do you want to know how often you finished on the podium?
Or do you want to know more details about the races?

Here you will find all the answers:

Races +++ Athletes +++ Hall of Fame +++ EHC Champions


Congratulation to all EHC Champions of the year 2016 !

MH1 Benjamin Früh (SUI)
MH2 Wolfgang Schattauer (AUT)
WH2 Roberta Amadeo (ITA)
MH3 David Franek (FRA)
WH3 Katerina Antosova (CZE)
MH4 Rafal Wilk (POL)
WH4 Moshkovich Svetlana (RUS)
MH5 Luis Costa (POR)
WH5 Carole Rigonalli (SUI)
MHO Joel Weingut (GER)
WHO Petra Weingut (GER)

Winners of the U23 Category 2016:

MH2 Fabio Marzocchi (ITA)
MH3 Gordian Frick (GER)
MH4 Joseph Fritsch (FRA)
MHO Joel Weingut (GER)
WH4 Ione Basterra (ESP)

Complete list of all EHC Champions 2001 - 2016


The results of the EHC Final in Bardonecchia are online now. Sorry for the delay.

Time Trial
Road Race

Two exciting race videos of the final from Lars Hoffmann and Gregory Leray


The EHF Committee is proud to announce the EHC 2016 Overall Prize-money

As always at the EHC Final the EHC champions will be honoured with glass trophies, champion jerseys and prize money.

This effort was made possible thanks to the cooperation and support of the Invacare group, that has been supporting our Circuit during the whole 2016 season. As usual, prize-money will be distributed after the final stage in Bardonecchia, as per our EHC Rulebook, chapter 10.


Updated version of the event rules in Bardonecchia with new timetable

Event Rules
Registration form

All EHC Championship Rankings including U23 category after 9 races have been updated now

The Results of the EHC event in Emmen are online

Time Trial

A lot of interesting photos of the road race on Facebook shot by Henk Zwols

The Registration for the EHC Final in Bardonecchia is open
The Entry Deadline is on 25. July 2016

For Italian athletes, entries must be exclusively done through the centralized system of the FCI. (www.federciclismo.it) Race ID:113183
Foreign athletes must register by emailing the registration form to: gare@bardonecchiaski.com
To get in the racing mood look at some pictures of the past handbike event in Bardonecchia

Event Rules
Registration form


Next EHC Stage Emmen on 2./3. July
About 100 handbikers registered for this event. The registration is closed now.

The results of the EHC Races in Louny and the Championship Ranking after 7 races are online now
A lot of interesting event photos shot by Brigitte Neuske
Time Trial + Criterium MH1/MH2/WH + Criterium MH3
Criterium MH4/MHO
+ Victory ceremony

The Hall of Fame after EHC Schwanenstadt is updated
After 131 EHC races there are 295 athletes listed who won one of the hot three places on the podium

The results of the EHC Race in Schwanenstadt and the Championship Ranking after 5 races are online now

Video impressions of the race filmed by Karl-Heinz Butter

The results of the EHC Race in Lugano and the Championship Ranking after 4 races are online now


Registration for Dutch EHC in Emmen is open now

The website for the Dutch EHC event on 2./ 3. July in Emmen is almost ready. When the organization has more information to share you can find it all at their website,

The main home page can be found at http://www.opfietseindrenthe.nl/paracycling

Click at Registration to register before the deadline at June 25th

Click at the startlist to see who already registered

When you want a (new) classification also that´s provided you can schedule yourself at Classification

Hopefully we will see you in the Netherlands in the first weekend July


Registration for EHC Louny is open now


Online Registration (Deadline: 12. June 2016)

Entry List



Registration procedure EHC Lugano - UCI license needed:

All the athletes recognized by national federations are eligible to take part in the EHC race. Non-members can participate by requesting, on-site the day of competition, a UCI license to Swiss Cycling.
The standard race registration fee is chf 35,00 for athletes registered by the 14th of May 2016. As from the 15th of May 2016 the enrolment fee will be 50,00 chf.
The entries deadline is on the 20th of May 2016.
Registration for the 1. edition of EHC Lugano can be done following the instructions found on the web site www.stralugano.ch.
Online registration via the Datasport internet site



The Registration for the EHC stage in Schwanenstadt and the Upper Austrian Paracycling Tour has already started

You can choose between 3 interesting race possibilities:
1. Five stages of the UCI sanctioned Upper Austrian Paracycling Tour (25. - 29. May) or
2. Two stages in Lengau and Schwanenstadt (28. and 29. May) or
3. EHC race in Schwanenstadt (29. May)
Notice: UCI licence is mandatory for all stages but UCI points are only awarded for the overall ranking of the Paracycling Tour!

More information about this great event you will find on the event homepage, in the Technical Guides of the Paracycling Tour and the EHC

Link to the Online Registration Form
Entry list


Link to the online registration of the next EHC stage in Lugano



The Championship Ranking after the EHC Race in Rosenau is online now

The Results of the EHC Race in Rosenau are online now

Race MH4 + MHO + WH2 + WH3 + WH4 + WH5 + WHO
Race MH1 + MH2 + MH3
Youth Race

Thanks to Brigitte Neuske who provided again a lot of interesting pictures of the EHC event:

Pictures MH4, MH0 WH2, WH3, WH4, WH5, WH0
Pictures MH1, MH2, MH3

YouTube Video of MH4 race in Rosenau filmed by Miroslav Sulc


No EHC present in Rosenau
Dear Friends,
We are encountering some troubles with our supplier, so we have to inform that we are not able to distribute our EHC present in Rosenau as usual. We will distribute them at the next stage in Lugano and the following EHC stages.
Sorry for the inconvenience and see you in France !!!


Rosenau the legendary classic among the EHC races is along the corner. More than 140 athletes from 17 nations have entered the event.
Have a look at the startlist


The results of the EHC races in Abu Dhabi are online now.

Click on the picture to enlarge
Abu Dhabi

Time trial


EHC overall


Registration for the EHC race in Lugano has been opened
The on-line registration and other information about the race is now available in 4 languages on: www.stralugano.ch
Read more in the details


Dear Participants at EHC Event in Abu Dhabi
To prevent misunderstanding and as already announced on the homepage on 28. January the official hotel for the athletes and their escorts is the Crowne Plaza on Yas Island!


Have a look at the last update of the entry list of the EHC race in Rosenau


The Registration for the EHC Abu Dhabi Event is closed now.

Final Entry list EHC Abu Dhabi

63 athletes from 16 nations are going to participate in the EHC races on the Formula 1 Yas Marina Circuit.
Invitation EHC Abu Dhabi


Athletes who have not yet been classified and intend to start at Rosenau, their national championships or on further UCI P1 races should take the opportunity to get their classification certificate.

Read more in the information


The Organisation Committee of EHC Abu Dhabi had to change the hotel.
The hotel is now Crowne Plaza which had been already the accomodation for all athletes and escorts last year. Have a look into the invitation letter.


The 2016 EHC Rulebook is online now
The most important rule change was done concerning the prize money which will be now the same for all 12 classes! The money will depend only on the number of starters and for each athlete on the podium the prize money will be assured even in the case that there are less starters than four or e.g. only one.

Download the new EHF/EHC rulebook


The registrations for EHC Abu Dhabi is open
Up-to-date information about the EHC event in Abu Dhabi is now available. As already announced the race venue is on the Formula 1 Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi. In the morning of 20th March will be the time trial and in the afternoon the road race. The OC is offering free accomodation and food for all athletes for 3 nights from 18th to 21st of March. The accomodation will be in Crowne Plaza Yas Island. The O.C. will take care of free airport transfer ( Abu Dhabi Airport) for all guests including athletes and escorts only from 18th to 21st of March. The races are UCI sanctioned and therefore the UCI licence is mandatory. The entry deadline will be the 3rd of March.


Registration and Information EHC Rosenau (Entry deadline on 12th March 2016)

Click on the picture to enlarge
Affiche Roseau

Online registration form

Entry list Rosenau

Rosenau, the traditional EHC event in France, will be held on 26th of March. This year it is already the 16th edition!


All dates for the EHC calendar 2016 are confirmed
After receiving the last confirmation we can announce our calendar is final


The provisional EHC calendar 2016 is now online.
The race season will start again in Abu Dhabi on 20. March and completed with the Final in Bardonecchia already in July. The final calendar will be published on the EHF homepage within the next weeks.


Hall of Fame updated
The most successful athletes in the EHC 2001-2015
EHC Champions 2001 - 2015


Many thanks to Ingrid Schattauer who provided a lot of exciting Photos of the Final EHC event.
Look also to the collection of media reports

Many thanks to our sponsors and special suppliers


BTV Video of the EHC Final and another Facebook-Download


The European Handbike Circuit 2015 is over and the official results are available now. Thank you for participating and congratulation to all winners. Planning for next year's Circuit will start soon and the race calendar should be available at end of November.

Champions of the EHC 2015:

MH1 Rafal Mikolajczyk (POL)

WH1 n.a.

MH2 Wolfgang Schattauer (AUT)

WH2 Carmen Koedood (NED)

MH3 Lars Hoffmann (GER)

WH3 Katerina Antosova (CZE)

MH4 Rafal Wilk (POL)

WH4 Elizabeth McTernan (GBR)

MH5 Mark van Extergem (BEL)

WH5 Laura de Vaan (NED)

MHO Joel Weingut (GER)

WHO Amélie Poirier (FRA)

Winners of the U23 Category 2015:

MH1 Patrik Jahoda (CZE)

MH4 Joseph Fritsch (FRA)

MHO Joel Weingut (GER)


The Results of the EHC Final at Lengau are online now
Results with lap times

Many thanks to Brigitte Neuske who shot a lot of interesting pictures of the event.
Road Race Victory Ceremony


Registration for the EHC Final is closed now.
Have a look at the starting grid


The registration deadline for the EHC final in Lengau has been extended until 11. October 2015

Click on the picture to enlarge


The EHC Final 2015 in Austria
Dear EHC Friends,
Good news from the European Handbike Circuit. The 2015 EHC Final will take place instead of Spain in Austria on Sunday 18. October. The race venue is about 30km not far from Salzburg City at the village Lengau. There will be a one hour + 1 lap road race on a flat 4km track. As always at the EHC Final the EHC champions will be honoured with trophies, Champion Jerseys and prize money.

I am looking forward to spending this time with you and I am eager to see you all again.

Christian Peter

More information about the EHC final you will find in the invitation letter in English and German

Map I and Map II
Many thanks to our sponsors and special suppliers

Hall of Fame updated
Have a look to the most successful athletes 2001 - 2015


EHC Final in Barcelona cancelled!
The EHF Committee is very sorry to announce the cancellation of the final event in Barcelona. Our colleagues in Spain were informed about an extension of the concert of the U2 Group that added 2 shows on 9. and 10. October which clash with the dates of the planned EHC final. Because the concert is very close to the race venue the police cancelled the authorization for the handbike race (too many streets involved, much traffic at this area, many spectators going to the concert, etc.). Other solutions close to Barcelona area seem very difficult to find mainly because of the budget and the course.
The EHF Committee is working in several directions to find a possible and qualitative alternative.


The overall ranking of the EHC Championship has been updated
The 2015 championship is not yet decided in some classes, and let’s see what there is still that way.


The Results of the EHC Louny are online now
A lot of excellent fotos provided by fotobaba you will find here


The start list of the EHC Louny Time Trial is online
Manfred Putz tragically died in an accident during his training ride yesterday.

We are very sorry about this sad news. Manfred was a true friend and a living sport legend and will be missed by all in the handbike community. We all remember his fantastic endurance records.

Rest in peace Manfred! Our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this most difficult time.


Only 2 weeks left until the next EHC event in Louny on 27th of June.
Notice: Last day of the online registration: 20th June 2015
Invitation and timetable


New: The Color of your Helmet Cover will be checked at all EHC events
Athletes and commissaires often couldn’t differ the various classes because of helmets used with wrong or multiple colors. You always must show your helmet when picking up your start number and in the case that your helmet color is not clear identifiable according to your class you have to buy a helmet cover. It costs 5 Euros.

Click on picture to enlarge


The results of the EHC event in Utrecht are online
The leaders of the EHC Championship after 7 races are as follows:
MH1 Rafal Mikolajczyk; MH2 Wolfgang Schattauer; MH3 Stephane Massard;
MH4 Didier Coront; MH5 Mark van Extergem; MHO Joel Weingut;
WH2 Carmen Koedood; WH3 Katerina Antosova; WH4 Elizabeth Mcternan;
WH5 Laura de Vaan; WHO Amélie Poirier

Interesting race moments captured in pictures by Brigitte Neuske:
Road Race 1
Road Race 2
Time Trial


The online registration for EHC Louny is open now.
Invitation and timetable
More additional event informations you will find on the website.


Preview of the next EHC event in Utrecht
The European Handbike Circuit comes back to the Netherlands on the weekend 30. - 31. May 2015. On the

webpage you will find the startlist with almost 90 athletes from 16 nations. See you soon at Utrecht!


Interesting Video on YouTube of the Road Race in Rzeszow


The Results of the EHC Event at Rzeszow and the updated Championship ranking are online

Time TrialRoad Race

Interesting event moments captured in pictures by Brigitte Neuske:
Time TrialRoad RaceVictory Ceremony Time trialVictory Ceremony Road Race


Invitation to the next EHC stage at Rzeszow

Rzeszów, my hometown for the second time will be hosting EHC – The European Handcycling Circuit.

Last year, during the first Polish editions I was lucky to win in front of my own fans. I was proud and happy.

I would like to mention that Rzeszów is not the only place of sport competition among us. For Polish spectators are a unique occasion to meet handbikers and follow their race live. For the town which is sport orientated is a special and important event, and finally for us, competitors it is one more opportunity for built even stronger friendship.

Feel invited to be a part of this inspiring event

Rafał Wilk


EHC Championship Ranking after Rosenau

MH1 - MH2 - MH3 - MH4 - MH5 - MHO - WH3 - WH4 - WH5 - WHO


Official Results of EHC Rosenau are online


Rosenau: The legendary classic among the EHC races is around the corner. More than 140 participants are expected on 4th of April. Have a look at the startlist.


Results of EHC Abu Dhabi are online
16,5km Time Trial + Road Race

Interesting racing moments captured in pictures by Brigitte Neuske:
Arrival in Abu Dhabi


Road Race

Victory Ceremony


The registration for the EHC event in Abu Dhabi is closed now. There

are 60 athletes from 19 nations in the startlist


Please note that the registration deadline of the EHC event in Abu Dhabi has been brought forward from 8th of March to 28th of February!


New EHF Representative for Switzerland
Mr. Walter Lisetto is the new Swiss representative of the European Handcycling Federation. He is the chief of the organizing committee of the Lugano handbike race. In 2014 Lugano was the venue of the Finals of the Swiss National Handbike Circuit and also of the Italian Handbike Giro. It is highly probable that in 2016 Lugano will be one of the 2016 EHC stages.


First Information about the EHC Event in Utrecht (NED)
Stay tuned! Shortly the event website will be updated with more information about the registration, selected hotels and hostels, transport facilities, parking, facilities at the venue, and about our sponsors & partners.
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